Buy Bitcoins

Should you invest in Bitcoin?

The Truth: Yes you should but not bitcoin but another coin, We are gonna sell them here,  So you can get rich buying ethereum while it is still growing,  not like now that seems too late to get rich with bitcoin.   Crypto-currency exchanging is the best growing market,  more secure as any other.  But is not perfect and yes it is volatil.  Due to the panic of people withdrawing their money too fast at any 24 hours frame.  So buy Ethereum or LiteCoins …here you will comprehend why.

Think about it  …responsibly, this time.   The origin of the Bitcoin is very suspicious.   Some Satoshi Nakamoto that hides in anonimacy gave the rules but he was incapable to develope it, some people even more unknown DOES create it,  then Satoshi denies any involvemenet with the creation of the digital currency.  To let some guy in Australia declares to be Nakamoto.

But at the end a very well organized team of programmers and finances experts are ruling everything behind bitcoin,  with an untouchable names like BITCOIN FOUNDATION.  Creating a Fork,  Creating a clone coin with an extra block in its blockchain.   Naming the silly thing a Segregated Witness.  But they can stop this Seg2x at any time?  Because it is regulated, by the small group of pyramid scammers.  It is all very fishy.   The same banker mafia and the repugnant illuminati monsters are behind this coin.

How do you explain that a clown like Al Gore received the Nobel Prize for his stupid campaign of global warming when he is not Biologist or Ecologist or expert in any shit …but the worst thing:  It was aired in MTV the most stupid and less scientist media ever… and Gore was wrong in everything he said.

But everybody BOUGHT his bull shit !!!

Years After you see Obama destroying the economy with the Largest Debt in History (In the Whole Human History) … later our civil guarantees …. also promoting wars and receiving the nobel prize for peace!!! WTF?    Then you know this stanist criminals are behind every single field.

Althou Bitcoin seems just another Scam.   A Ponzi Scheme on a larger time frame.   The truth is you can profit very good from it.  So don’t hesitate… to choose ANOTHER Crypto Currency.   Because investing on the same currency is what is inflating the bubble and creating a pyramid.  It is very obvious and easy to understand.   In a crypto currency you are not making  great effort to create physical money.  The websites to manage the system are cheaper than an electronic store.   The money comes from the stratos of investers that are coming wave after wave ascending the stair wich is more expensive for the newones on each level.  Then it is just another pyramid, which is forbidden but no one here dares to admit it is here in this crypto currency.   The money does not come from the miners,  they create a fictional limited amount of bitcoins that when the new idiots buy it, They create the money income for the old vultures in the pyramid.   The miners just create the space that you will fill with YOUR MONEY.   It is a pyramid.   But you can still profit from it.


The instigators Goal

But why was it recognized by some banks as a legitimate exchangeable currency?  The obvious reason?   They invented this Bitcoin hoping that would be accepted fast.   They want to break the dollar or any currency in each economy.


What’s the ultimate comsequence?

They will devaluate the dollar tottally.  Didn’t you know that it costs more than a dollar to print a dollar?  It is a ridiculous fact that no one dares to confront.  Because they are all corrupt.  The white culture has finally spreaded to everyone infecting them with their tolerance to abominations and wickedness.  This is the beggining of the pains.   They are all part of the bubble.  The twisted lord of this wicked system doesn’t want his own kingdom, he only wants to destroy the whole human gender.    Why to devaluate the dollar?   To come up with a stupid solution a Universal Crypto Currency.

Digital Gods is gonna sell Crypto Currency right here.