Gray State

An independent film by ex-militar David Crowley… who is now missing under the pretext he and his family (wife & daughter) were all murdered.   What a coincidence: the word mason is on the poster.   Either he is one of them ….or he is exposing them.   What do you think??

The movie discloses the plans of a Police State Government involving Population control by RFID chip and other processes, segregation of civilians in the FEMA camps, the roll of military assets oppressing their own citizens instead of functioning as military defense for the nation.    But so far it all seems to be predictive programming.  Although Crowley declared that the movie includes the humanism,  love story and the choice to decide what to do in a situation like that… the whole fact that the release of this movie is now uncertain.   Makes the whole panorama even more predictive programming in the social media!!!  Undermining the relevance of the movie if viewers don’t see it… it becomes just another element of predictive programming via social networks.

When unexpectedly Crowley and his family disappeared over a murder act… the matter becomes very suspicious… because his movie clearly reveals that the main tool for instigation is the masons.

There is a key scene…            you shouldn’t miss it.