Mormon Conspiracy

The Mormons are lying

They don’t know the truth about their own religion.  The BYU discovered that God created the Earth FLAT and Still and that we are enclosed under a Dome called the Firmament because it is hardest and firmest than rocks or steel.

It means there are not galaxies, no cosmic dust, no outer space, no planets, no solar systems, those are lies promoted by the NASA and the Vatican since centuries.   Before that everybody knew that Earth was Flat and does NOT SPIN.

¿But do mormons prefer to deny God?    Even when their own intelligent people form BYU …their mormon university, has proven that God created the Earth Flat and Still.

All along the bible you can find the scriptures confirming the still flat earth created by God.

The Nauvoo Issue

God told Gideon that he hateth both the star of Molech (pentagram) and the star of Remphan (star of David).  He told them to wipe out all of those people who used them. If you read Lucy Mack Smiths book she spoke of her family drawing majick circles (pentagrams) and practicing the faculties of Abrac (demon).

If God planed the Nauvoo and Community to be there why did it come all wrong?  God didn’t know this would happen?  They had to leave the temple and run away to Utah !!!   You are just a sheep if you believe their nonsense.  Now see the occult symbols in this temple as well as Salt Lake Temple …and dare to continue with the stupidity of denying that mason satanists are the leaders of mormon church since its start. Satanic Pentagram in every window of Nauvoo.   Sun worship and not a single reference to the Messiah in this temple.

Nauvoo doesnt have Messianic Ornaments but OCCULT SYMBOLS

Satan Pentagram and Sun Disc are masonic and babylonian symbols

the eye in Salt Lake Temple

the many inverted stars in Salt Lake – Utah

Nauvoo – Inverted Stars, Sun worhip are demonic symbols

The Nauvoo temple is masonic not Christian

Nauvoo Inverted Symbols are masonic

inverted stars

Remember the perdition came through the Secret Oaths and Secret Signs of Gadianton… SECRET SOCIETIES were the cause of the destruction of the people.

The masons took over the religion since its foundation, because Joseph Smith was one of them.

1855 French Catholic Deacon ALFONSE LOUISE CONSTANT practinioner of magic was also a MASON, he inverted the star symbol for witchcraft,  it is Paganism and should not be used by masons or mormons. No symbols are allowed to worship in the temple or for any ceremony.  Besides according to the bible for healing it was the nailed serpent NO OTHER SYMBOL.

Salt Lake Masonic Symbol not for God

The USE of word LUCIFER exposes the fake mormon doctrine because it is not a BIBLICAL NAME, but it’s a fictional character taken out from PARADISE LOST (1667), 10 books of a boring poem about the devil’s hate for humanity and his PLAN to invert and oppose to everything righteous by just doing the contrary to all godly and divine.  Changing the name to LUCIFER was just a literary choice to present him as the Bearer of Light in the fiction of his Story, written by John Milton. The Vatican Occultists took this name to replace the word Morning Star, also the mormons made the same MISTAKE exposing themselves as IGNORANT LIARS and OCCULTIST by using a fictional word WHEN THEY SHOULD KNOW there are only four names given for Satan. It exposes their LEADERs as the same Satanists Elite at the Vatican. Why are you all imprisoned in an enclosed dome Firmament? Because God DOES NOT want fanatics in Heaven. Be righteous and VALUE THE TRUTH.

Salt Lake temple MASONIC EYE

But the mormon doctrine was founded by masons led from jesuit order since the very beginning.   Their leader Joseph was a wicked mason who always wore the jupiter talisman and made up the whole gospel.

Even the LDS name is absurd since their timing was so wrong, they were not living the last days and that’s why Joseph Smith never saw the return of the Messiah, not a second coming in his time.

and what’s with the hairdo? It is ridiculous even for thattime

He transgressed adultery commandments and married a minor among 34 wives.   He married in secret the wives of his absent comrades and involved them in polygamy at their return from missions and this all documented in the history records of the church itself.  They cant deny it but they can restrict your access to them.   He used the excuse that God commanded him to offer heavenly marry to the wives and nobody suspected it was a lie.   How can God command you to take wives already married to the men in a mission?

Brigham Young was also a Mason polygamist and his most repugnant secret is the Meadows Mountain Massacre,  where the mormons killed other pioneers but murdered even the surviving women and children.   Historical Fact.

Joseph Smith was never a prophet when his God told him that he changed his mind and now doesn’t want to offer Emma the poligamy option he was thinking to offer her.   And of course Emman found it repugnant.   As the fact of tolerating Smith having sex with a 14 year old girl who was a made in their house.   So he had married her too in polygamy.

None of the cities in the book of mormon can be verified, none of the ruins, or the 200,000 bodies of the final battle can be verified, a battle where mormon died and moroni barely escaped just to hide the golden plaques in N.Y. …plaques that nobody saw because conveniently they were removed to Heaven itself.


Everything is INCONSISTENT

In the history of mormon church everything is inconsistent since the beginning.  Nobody else saw the plaques,  the witnesses can’t be proven as the witnesses of Chriss Angel are all actors and can’t be ratified in any way.   Nobody saw the reformed egyptian language before, so conveniently only he understood it.   The Urim Tumim was also taken.   Not a single archeological evidence and the mormons can’t even agree on the subject, so it is clearly a lie.   Zarahemla is described as the most advanced civilization, even more than greece, but they left not a single piece to prove its existence… Not a sword, not a coin, not a shield, an arrow, or a brick, NOTHING !!!  It is a lie.

And the mormon leaders hide the fact that the Book of Adam and Eve, along with Book of Enoch and the Book of Jasher expose the truth and debunk the mormon doctrine, specially their racist teaching that black people came from a cursed when the truth is they are the original creation of God since Adam and Eve.  That the promise and prophets came from the red son Shem came the black lineage of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Esau, Joseph and the 12 tribes.   These books reveal that Melchizedek is one and only Priesthood in order to give existence to the High Priesthood for the Messiah, no one else have that priesthood, so the mormons are very wrong.

And the Holy Ghost gift seems to be a manifestation of demonic influence.   Heavenly Father if that spirit came from you let us feel it again right now.