BitCoin Boom

The Crypto Currency Phenomenon

Respected comrades, members of the Cyber Community…  It is necessary that a Digital Currency exist, we all agree.   You must get involved for preventing criminals to take over the control of the Market and Crypto-currencies.   Do not support any other crypto-currency, …WHY? for the Chaos is there.  And study the system and you will understand that the elements of the system like miners and actual trader websites are not enough secure, the software of the algorythm is not enough secure.   The only people who is promoting and profiting from creating a ridiculous variety of crypto-currencies are the BANKING Mafia, Programmers and Hackers of the Deep Web, just criminals.   The old SSL Protocol was created by bankers, so you must know they are involved in this bitcoin boom,  specially because they accepted the presence and validity of the Bitcoin.   The same people who is controlling the banking mafia is also controlling the Bitcoin.   What control or involvement do we THE PEOPLE HAVE?  Join Organized Groups of Natural Persons like Digital Gods   because Until we can AUDIT every aspect of the bitcoin system this market is NOT SECURE.   and Yes… IT IS Convenient that a Digital Currency exist.  Ant not a variety of currencies but a few currencies.   It will collapse the market BY SATURATION… and will just strenghten the first Bitcoin.   Thi is gibing them the excuse to push a GLOBAL SYSTEM which everybody might accept, …it is the mark of the beast in your hands and in your foreheads…  will be the digital currency value !!!   They already ruined the economies of the world,  did you not pay attention?

What is their purpose?  Do they want to devaluate the Dollar? Know more about it here.

Bitcoin Cash


What is going on? Is this currency better structured than Bitcoin?

4 times better.