Lunar Fraud

Oh Yes, We have Moon Lies

The absolute truth is: We have never gone to the moon.  Because it is not a planet, nor a celestial body nor a solid object.  It is a disc made of a plastic plasma, wich is translucent and recharges to emit its own light like the effect of the barium chloride.

We have never landed in the moon… There is nowhere there to make any landing.   And the most shocking truth of all: Van Allen himself announced that we cannot surpass the ionosferic radiation field because anything subject to that would explode like a popcorn.   And the lunar rockets were not designed to resist those kind of radiation.

Also: The atmospheric pressure in the ionosphere is so strong that puts water at boiling point… wich is exactly what would happen to your body if you are exposed to the ionosphere… if you try that without a well built space chamber.

So the moon is a flat disc with gassy plastic plasma inside.

Se ven las nubes detras de la luna… porque esta no esta en el espacio a kilometros de nosotros… sino contenida en la Tierra al igual que el sol.

Por eso puedes ver nuber detras de la luna