It is summer and not Christmas when the suicide rate is at the top.   When the people is full of energy…. THEY say that people wants to die, kill them selves and it seems ridiculous but that is what THEIR statistics show.

What Dianne Reidy really said was,

‘He will not be mocked. He will not be mocked- don’t touch me- He will not be mocked,’ she had called out.

‘The greatest deception here is this is not one nation under God. It never was. Had it been it would not have been. It would not have been.

‘The Constitution would not have been written by Freemasons. They go against God. You cannot serve two masters. You cannot serve two masters. Praise be to God. Lord Jesus Christ. Praise be to Jesus.’

(you can listen to her own testimony, next link.)

But you know exactly what WE mean about under hypnosis, mind controlled, the place where you feel sunken.  The reason why so many people felt SO IDENTIFIED with the movie GET OUT.    (by the way the character never could scape the hypnotic state)

Our advise:   Don’t follow the people…. the true reason of this events is clearly THEIR fault.  They are still using people for their experiments and they kill them by altering their behavior and modifying their mood to depression using radio frequencies.  Or in the worst case the nefarious electroshock, neuro drugs, induced memory or brainwash.

The truth is that HAARP, radio, Micro Waves, they are all the same technology.  The material about all of their methods is not a secret and it is easily available.   So if you still want to deny it.   It won’t be published by us.

Homework:  Search for the testimony of this doctor exposing how her patient is exploited by government mind control sending voices directly to her mind.

Mormon Conspiracy

The Mormons are lying

They don’t know the truth about their own religion.  The BYU discovered that God created the Earth FLAT and Still and that we are enclosed under a Dome called the Firmament because it is hardest and firmest than rocks or steel.

It means there are not galaxies, no cosmic dust, no outer space, no planets, no solar systems, those are lies promoted by the NASA and the Vatican since centuries.   Before that everybody knew that Earth was Flat and does NOT SPIN.

¿But do mormons prefer to deny God?    Even when their own intelligent people form BYU …their mormon university, has proven that God created the Earth Flat and Still.

All along the bible you can find the scriptures confirming the still flat earth created by God.

The Nauvoo Issue

God told Gideon that he hateth both the star of Molech (pentagram) and the star of Remphan (star of David).  He told them to wipe out all of those people who used them. If you read Lucy Mack Smiths book she spoke of her family drawing majick circles (pentagrams) and practicing the faculties of Abrac (demon).

If God planed the Nauvoo and Community to be there why did it come all wrong?  God didn’t know this would happen?  They had to leave the temple and run away to Utah !!!   You are just a sheep if you believe their nonsense.  Now see the occult symbols in this temple as well as Salt Lake Temple …and dare to continue with the stupidity of denying that mason satanists are the leaders of mormon church since its start. Satanic Pentagram in every window of Nauvoo.   Sun worship and not a single reference to the Messiah in this temple.

Nauvoo doesnt have Messianic Ornaments but OCCULT SYMBOLS

Satan Pentagram and Sun Disc are masonic and babylonian symbols

the eye in Salt Lake Temple

the many inverted stars in Salt Lake – Utah

Nauvoo – Inverted Stars, Sun worhip are demonic symbols

The Nauvoo temple is masonic not Christian

Nauvoo Inverted Symbols are masonic

inverted stars

Remember the perdition came through the Secret Oaths and Secret Signs of Gadianton… SECRET SOCIETIES were the cause of the destruction of the people.

The masons took over the religion since its foundation, because Joseph Smith was one of them.

1855 French Catholic Deacon ALFONSE LOUISE CONSTANT practinioner of magic was also a MASON, he inverted the star symbol for witchcraft,  it is Paganism and should not be used by masons or mormons. No symbols are allowed to worship in the temple or for any ceremony.  Besides according to the bible for healing it was the nailed serpent NO OTHER SYMBOL.

Salt Lake Masonic Symbol not for God

The USE of word LUCIFER exposes the fake mormon doctrine because it is not a BIBLICAL NAME, but it’s a fictional character taken out from PARADISE LOST (1667), 10 books of a boring poem about the devil’s hate for humanity and his PLAN to invert and oppose to everything righteous by just doing the contrary to all godly and divine.  Changing the name to LUCIFER was just a literary choice to present him as the Bearer of Light in the fiction of his Story, written by John Milton. The Vatican Occultists took this name to replace the word Morning Star, also the mormons made the same MISTAKE exposing themselves as IGNORANT LIARS and OCCULTIST by using a fictional word WHEN THEY SHOULD KNOW there are only four names given for Satan. It exposes their LEADERs as the same Satanists Elite at the Vatican. Why are you all imprisoned in an enclosed dome Firmament? Because God DOES NOT want fanatics in Heaven. Be righteous and VALUE THE TRUTH.

Salt Lake temple MASONIC EYE

But the mormon doctrine was founded by masons led from jesuit order since the very beginning.   Their leader Joseph was a wicked mason who always wore the jupiter talisman and made up the whole gospel.

Even the LDS name is absurd since their timing was so wrong, they were not living the last days and that’s why Joseph Smith never saw the return of the Messiah, not a second coming in his time.

and what’s with the hairdo? It is ridiculous even for thattime

He transgressed adultery commandments and married a minor among 34 wives.   He married in secret the wives of his absent comrades and involved them in polygamy at their return from missions and this all documented in the history records of the church itself.  They cant deny it but they can restrict your access to them.   He used the excuse that God commanded him to offer heavenly marry to the wives and nobody suspected it was a lie.   How can God command you to take wives already married to the men in a mission?

Brigham Young was also a Mason polygamist and his most repugnant secret is the Meadows Mountain Massacre,  where the mormons killed other pioneers but murdered even the surviving women and children.   Historical Fact.

Joseph Smith was never a prophet when his God told him that he changed his mind and now doesn’t want to offer Emma the poligamy option he was thinking to offer her.   And of course Emman found it repugnant.   As the fact of tolerating Smith having sex with a 14 year old girl who was a made in their house.   So he had married her too in polygamy.

None of the cities in the book of mormon can be verified, none of the ruins, or the 200,000 bodies of the final battle can be verified, a battle where mormon died and moroni barely escaped just to hide the golden plaques in N.Y. …plaques that nobody saw because conveniently they were removed to Heaven itself.


Everything is INCONSISTENT

In the history of mormon church everything is inconsistent since the beginning.  Nobody else saw the plaques,  the witnesses can’t be proven as the witnesses of Chriss Angel are all actors and can’t be ratified in any way.   Nobody saw the reformed egyptian language before, so conveniently only he understood it.   The Urim Tumim was also taken.   Not a single archeological evidence and the mormons can’t even agree on the subject, so it is clearly a lie.   Zarahemla is described as the most advanced civilization, even more than greece, but they left not a single piece to prove its existence… Not a sword, not a coin, not a shield, an arrow, or a brick, NOTHING !!!  It is a lie.

And the mormon leaders hide the fact that the Book of Adam and Eve, along with Book of Enoch and the Book of Jasher expose the truth and debunk the mormon doctrine, specially their racist teaching that black people came from a cursed when the truth is they are the original creation of God since Adam and Eve.  That the promise and prophets came from the red son Shem came the black lineage of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Esau, Joseph and the 12 tribes.   These books reveal that Melchizedek is one and only Priesthood in order to give existence to the High Priesthood for the Messiah, no one else have that priesthood, so the mormons are very wrong.

And the Holy Ghost gift seems to be a manifestation of demonic influence.   Heavenly Father if that spirit came from you let us feel it again right now.

Jesús murió Ahorcado

The true messiah was hanged on a tree.    The cross is a pagan symbol that predates christianity and it was use to worship nature and is also related to Tamuz, the son of Semiramis in the Babilonian paganism.

El verdadero Mesías fue ahorcado en un árbol.   Está claramente descrito en Hechos de los Apóstoles 5:30,   ¿Pero porqué te mintieron?  Porque las cruces son PAGANAS desde antes del Cristianismo.   Siempre se usaron para el paganismo de Babilonia para adorar la naturaleza y también relacionado con Tamuz, el hijo de Semiramis.   Y la Iglesia Católica fue creada por cananeos negros y satanistas que fueron palideciendo y ahora se creen blancos,  pero hoy engañan tanto a blancos como a negros.

Acts 5:30

The God of our fathers raised up Jesus, whom ye slew and hanged on a tree.  King James Version, the Monarch and the first person who ordered that the bible was translated for the people so they could have that knowledge.   Why would a king care about it.   Because he knew they were changing it to introduce their babylonian crosses.

Hechos 5:30  El Dios de nuestros padres levantó a Jesús, a quien uds. mataron y colgaron en un árbol.

Acts 10:39  La traduccion correcta es colgado en un Árbol.   Nunca fue una cruz.
And we are witnesses of all things which he did both in the land of the Jews, and in Jerusalem; whom they slew and hanged on a tree.

Hechos 10:39 Y somos testigos de todas las cosas que hizo tanto en la tierra de los judíos como en Jerusalén;  a quien mataron y colgaron en un árbol.

Acts 13:29

29 And when they had fulfilled all that was written of him, they took him down from the tree, and laid him in a sepulchre.

Hechos 13:29  Y cuando ellos cumplieron todo lo que fue escrito sobre Él, lo bajaron del árbol, y lo pusieron en un sepulcro.

En todos los pasajes de la biblia donde dice cruz,  la traducción correcta es árbol

1 Peter 2:24   [ Christ’s Example of Suffering  (Isaiah 53:1-8;
Matthew 26:57-68; Mark 14:53-65; John 18:19-24) ]

21For even hereunto were ye called: because Christ also suffered for us, leaving us an example, that ye should follow his steps: 22Who did no sin, neither was guile found in his mouth: 23Who, when he was reviled, reviled not again; when he suffered, he threatened not; but committed himself to him that judgeth righteously: 24Who his own self bare our sins in his own body on the tree, that we, being dead to sins, should live unto righteousness: by whose stripes ye were healed. 25For ye were as sheep going astray; but are now returned unto the Shepherd and Bishop of your souls.

Galatians 3:13 Cursed is everyone that is hanged on a tree.   Maldito es todo el que fue colgado en un árbol.

y además el verdadero redentor es Negro
Revelation 1:14   The real Messiah is Black, with white afro hair = like wool.

14 His head and his hairs were white like wool, as white as snow; and his eyes were as a flame of fire;

15 And his feet like unto fine brass, as if they burned in a furnace; and his voice as the sound of many waters.

Apocalipsis 1:14 

14 Su cabeza y sus cabellos eran blancos como blanca lana, como nieve; sus ojos como llama de fuego;  Reina-Valera 1960 (RVR1960)


Song of Solomon Chapter 1
I am black but lovely, O daughters of Jerushalem…

The real Messiah was hanged on a tree.   As clearly described in Acts 5:30

The God of our fathers raised up Jesus, whom ye slew and hanged on a tree.   (They changed the word to cross… and that is what every culted artist and noble knew,  It was the secret every  important celebrity in the Renaissance knew, that the real Jesus was black and he was hanged on a tree).

The Messiah had a home

John 1:35-39   King James Version (KJV)

35 Again the next day after John stood, and two of his disciples;

36 And looking upon Jesus as he walked, he saith, Behold the Lamb of God!

37 And the two disciples heard him speak, and they followed Jesus.

38 Then Jesus turned, and saw them following, and saith unto them, What seek ye? They said unto him, Rabbi, (which is to say, being interpreted, Master,) where dwellest thou?

39 He saith unto them, Come and see. They came and saw where he dwelt, and abode with him that day: for it was about the tenth hour.

Juan 1:35-39

Los primeros discípulos    Reina-Valera 1960 (RVR1960)

35 El siguiente día otra vez estaba Juan, y dos de sus discípulos.

36 Y mirando a Jesús que andaba por allí, dijo: He aquí el Cordero de Dios.

37 Le oyeron hablar los dos discípulos, y siguieron a Jesús.

38 Y volviéndose Jesús, y viendo que le seguían, les dijo: ¿Qué buscáis? Ellos le dijeron: Rabí (que traducido es, Maestro), ¿dónde moras?

39 Les dijo: Venid y ved. Fueron, y vieron donde moraba, y se quedaron con él aquel día; porque era como la hora décima.

I aknowledge the Unveiled Truth

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Think about it  …responsibly, this time.   The origin of the Bitcoin is very suspicious.   Some Satoshi Nakamoto that hides in anonimacy gave the rules but he was incapable to develope it, some people even more unknown DOES create it,  then Satoshi denies any involvemenet with the creation of the digital currency.  To let some guy in Australia declares to be Nakamoto.

But at the end a very well organized team of programmers and finances experts are ruling everything behind bitcoin,  with an untouchable names like BITCOIN FOUNDATION.  Creating a Fork,  Creating a clone coin with an extra block in its blockchain.   Naming the silly thing a Segregated Witness.  But they can stop this Seg2x at any time?  Because it is regulated, by the small group of pyramid scammers.  It is all very fishy.   The same banker mafia and the repugnant illuminati monsters are behind this coin.

How do you explain that a clown like Al Gore received the Nobel Prize for his stupid campaign of global warming when he is not Biologist or Ecologist or expert in any shit …but the worst thing:  It was aired in MTV the most stupid and less scientist media ever… and Gore was wrong in everything he said.

But everybody BOUGHT his bull shit !!!

Years After you see Obama destroying the economy with the Largest Debt in History (In the Whole Human History) … later our civil guarantees …. also promoting wars and receiving the nobel prize for peace!!! WTF?    Then you know this stanist criminals are behind every single field.

Althou Bitcoin seems just another Scam.   A Ponzi Scheme on a larger time frame.   The truth is you can profit very good from it.  So don’t hesitate… to choose ANOTHER Crypto Currency.   Because investing on the same currency is what is inflating the bubble and creating a pyramid.  It is very obvious and easy to understand.   In a crypto currency you are not making  great effort to create physical money.  The websites to manage the system are cheaper than an electronic store.   The money comes from the stratos of investers that are coming wave after wave ascending the stair wich is more expensive for the newones on each level.  Then it is just another pyramid, which is forbidden but no one here dares to admit it is here in this crypto currency.   The money does not come from the miners,  they create a fictional limited amount of bitcoins that when the new idiots buy it, They create the money income for the old vultures in the pyramid.   The miners just create the space that you will fill with YOUR MONEY.   It is a pyramid.   But you can still profit from it.


The instigators Goal

But why was it recognized by some banks as a legitimate exchangeable currency?  The obvious reason?   They invented this Bitcoin hoping that would be accepted fast.   They want to break the dollar or any currency in each economy.


What’s the ultimate comsequence?

They will devaluate the dollar tottally.  Didn’t you know that it costs more than a dollar to print a dollar?  It is a ridiculous fact that no one dares to confront.  Because they are all corrupt.  The white culture has finally spreaded to everyone infecting them with their tolerance to abominations and wickedness.  This is the beggining of the pains.   They are all part of the bubble.  The twisted lord of this wicked system doesn’t want his own kingdom, he only wants to destroy the whole human gender.    Why to devaluate the dollar?   To come up with a stupid solution a Universal Crypto Currency.

Digital Gods is gonna sell Crypto Currency right here.


BitCoin Boom

The Crypto Currency Phenomenon

Respected comrades, members of the Cyber Community…  It is necessary that a Digital Currency exist, we all agree.   You must get involved for preventing criminals to take over the control of the Market and Crypto-currencies.   Do not support any other crypto-currency, …WHY? for the Chaos is there.  And study the system and you will understand that the elements of the system like miners and actual trader websites are not enough secure, the software of the algorythm is not enough secure.   The only people who is promoting and profiting from creating a ridiculous variety of crypto-currencies are the BANKING Mafia, Programmers and Hackers of the Deep Web, just criminals.   The old SSL Protocol was created by bankers, so you must know they are involved in this bitcoin boom,  specially because they accepted the presence and validity of the Bitcoin.   The same people who is controlling the banking mafia is also controlling the Bitcoin.   What control or involvement do we THE PEOPLE HAVE?  Join Organized Groups of Natural Persons like Digital Gods   because Until we can AUDIT every aspect of the bitcoin system this market is NOT SECURE.   and Yes… IT IS Convenient that a Digital Currency exist.  Ant not a variety of currencies but a few currencies.   It will collapse the market BY SATURATION… and will just strenghten the first Bitcoin.   Thi is gibing them the excuse to push a GLOBAL SYSTEM which everybody might accept, …it is the mark of the beast in your hands and in your foreheads…  will be the digital currency value !!!   They already ruined the economies of the world,  did you not pay attention?

What is their purpose?  Do they want to devaluate the Dollar? Know more about it here.

Bitcoin Cash


What is going on? Is this currency better structured than Bitcoin?

4 times better.




Shia Labeouf Mind Slave

Shia Labeouf desde el 2014 no fue considerado para las 2 ultimas películas de Transformers, que era la franquicia que le estaba popularizando a pesar de que cambiaban a su co-estrella femenina.   De repente en el Berlin Film festival mediante una mascara anunció durante la presentación con una bolsa de papel en la cara y escrita,  mostraba el mensaje YA NO SOY FAMOSO…

Lo siguiente que protagonizó fue un  escándalo presentándose como espectador a una obra teatral mostrando un comportamiento errático, homosexual y grosero donde los testigos declaraban que era violento e irracional.  Gritaba obscenidades durante la presentación en Broadway de “Cabaret” (jueves 26 de junio de 2014).

Mostró todas las señales típicas de los esclavos de control mental que sufren un colapso en su programación mental.   Su comportamiento fue tan extraño que la policía tuvo que arrestarlo por estos cargos y por ebriedad.   Dejándolo hasta el día siguiente en prisión.

Shia LaBeouf arrives to promote the movie “Nymphomaniac Volume I” during the 64th Berlinale International Film Festival in Berlin February 9, 2014. REUTERS/Tobias Schwarz GERMANY

¿Porqué aseguro que son esclavos mentales?

No solo es su comportamiento lo que los delata, sus tatuajes los venden, pues se exige un tatuaje nuevo con las claves escritas o graficas para activar la programación nueva y la personalidad nueva.   Y otro tatuaje con una numeración que registra la programación que se le ha hecho a cada celebridad para efectos de registro de los muchas victimas bajo esclavitud mental ingresadas a las bases militares para someterlos.   Son tantos  tantas veces varios de ellos …que necesitan llevar un registro,  más porque terminan des-programandose y colapsando y tienen que volver a someterlos.

Les recomiendo que vean nuestro video de como explica su crisis nerviosa (es hilarante) dentro de 24hrs.

Tal como todo el mundo quisiéramos creer que este talentoso actor es tan solo víctima de una crisis nerviosa igual que cualquier persona bajo trastornos emocionales.

Pero es nuestra obligación considerar todas las posibilidades, entonces,  suponiendo que no tuvo un ataque de nervios: será que ¿se le exigió la iniciación de humillación ?

Mismo ritual de humillación que recibió Beyoncé, Taylor Swift, Miss Colombia en E.U.  … una iniciación masónica para el caso de Pink y varios rituales satanistas para Lady Gaga, siendo el sacrifico de Sangre recreado en MTV el mas repugnante.

Así que a LeBauf se le exigió una humillación en publico para volver a recibir el apoyo de los amos de la Holy Wood, — oh si !!!, me refiero en este caso a la varita mágica, la cual se alude incluso en el libro de Jasher.  Que fue usada por Dios mismo para la creación.   Porque en nuestro caso contemporáneo Hollywood está regida por una red de pedófilos psicópatas y satanistas que aún practican ridiculeces como rituales mágicos y hechicería e iniciaciones de brujas en artistas que luego pretender convertir en celebridades.  Por desgracia la gran mayoría sin talento.

Irónicamente la exitosa compositora y cantante australiana Sia invitó al actor Sia para un video,  en el cual no logra escapar de su encierro, como esclavo en una jaula y termina todo sucio desnudo, solo …y encerrado, nunca logra salir de la jaula.

Una jaula que Taylor Swift confieza tener en su casa y dice que le gusta estar en ella mas que en el resto de su casa.  Puden creer algo tan absurdo?  Taylor Swift (cuyo apellido es Nazi, lo ha declarado asi)

Otros casos de control mental fue Witney Houston, Beyoncé, Jay Z, Mariah Carey… con su persistente marca de mariposa monarca en todo lo que hace y viste.   Y el llamativo caso de Charlie Sheen,  acusado por sus esposas de abuso a niños, y actos de pedofilia, razon que le valió el divorcio en ambos casos.  Sheen tambien tuvo un ataque de nervios que le hizo abandonar la exitosa serie Two and a Half Men, que culminó con la introducción de Ashton Kutcher y una horrible lesbiana que presuntamente sería hija de Charlie.  Pero el caso es que el actor principal de la serie, Charlie Sheen tuvo un colapso que le expuso abiertamente como el drogadicto irrecuperable que siempre parece haber sido,  un pésimo denunciante de la verdad ante la conspiración gubernamental sobre el 911 y un borracho que vive con una actriz prostituta y una lesbiana,  ahora es tan solo un drogadicto cuya vida se esta consumiendo,  porque su programación mental colapso un buen dia y empezó a criticar la conspiración del gobierno como verdadero autor del ataque del 911 y luego rehusando a participar en la serie que protagonizaba.

Uno más reciente es Nicki Minaj que ni siquiera nació en US y por eso quizá ni supo lo que le esperaba como esclava mental.

Que es un Esclavo Iluminati

Marioneta de Control Mental,  un nombre sofisticado que se resume como juguete sexual,  un actor o una celebridad que está programado con una o varias personalidades promiscuas que se activan con palabras para ser utilizado en las más perversas actividades sexuales sin ni siquiera estar consciente ni poder recordar lo que se le ha hecho, lo que le han obligado a hacer y por supuesto lo que ha hecho involuntariamente.   Más lo que queda es una extraña sensación de culpa y depresión que tiene a celebridades como Justin Bieber en depresión.

Por mucho que lo nieguen sigue ocurriendo y cada vez con más frecuencia.   Se les somete a una hipnosis química con drogas en las instalaciones militares alrededor del mundo.   Desde los tiempos de Marylin Monroe había que ser idiota para no preguntarse ¿porqué carajo necesita Monroe un carnet militar en tiempos de paz?  Una identificación para entrar a la base con frecuencia,  sino era para recibir el tratamiento de control mental.  Y en tiempos de guerra cuando visitó las tropas no necesitó ningún carnet.



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