We live in a system that is corrupt in every field but seems to be controlled by the white culture. Although some times they exaggerate pretending that everything was white or began with the white people while they are incapable to explain the rest of the people, not only mentioning black, but chinnese, irish, australian and vasco people.

They can’t explain how a perfectly black culture developed every detail of the civilization centuries before them. Different fields like medicine, chemistry, poetry, monumentalism, astronomy, architecture, art, construction, mathematics, electricity were mastered by the black egyptians.  How could the egyptians know the values and formulas of Voltage, Impedance, Resistance and the value of the electron more than twenty centuries before the white men? It came all thru a descendant of Shem, (Heber, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob) named Joseph but better known in egypt as Imhotep, known in the kingdom as the number one after the pharaoh. So black people, inherited great things to humanity. They created all of the kingdoms of the planet, yes, most of the people were black and had afro hair. That is why black nobelty is a historical fact in the origin of all of the monarchies. But they try to white wash even the history of egypt, greece and persia.

So what is Digital?

Before the year 2000 the term became well known everywhere,  but nobody knew where it came from.  But the truth is that one of those black heritage is the term Digital… yes, it comes from the music producer Bobby Digital, which in every of his first hits mentioned his last name digitaaaal !!! And because the music was created using one of the first electronic rhythm machines he was related to the first known kind of electronic music and the word Digital became synonym of electronic era. So yes, Digital is the heritage of a black artist who produced the first hits of reggae music.